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January 15-20, 2018
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Could True Regeneration™ Be Dentistry’s Fountain of Youth? Announcing:


As a proud sponsor of the Seattle Study Club for the past six years, it’s been a privilege of ours to be a part of your organization. We value the contributions that your directors and members have made in the dental community. We look forward to a growing relationship between Millennium Dental Technologies and the Seattle Study Club organization. it’s important to us that you have the most respected and knowledgeable clinicians available to speak at your events in order to take them to the highest level.

The PerioLase® MVP-7™ for the LANAP® Protocol
The patented LANAP® protocol is the only scientifically proven laser periodontitis surgery validated by university-based prospective studies and ongoing clinical research that demonstrates the possibility of regenerative outcomes in the treatment of periodontitis. The PerioLase® MVP-7™, manufactured in the United States by Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc., is specifically designed to support the stringent operating parameters required to successfully perform the LANAP® protocol and predictably achieve cementum-mediated new connective tissue attachment in the absence of long junctional epithelium.

Why is the LANAP® Protocol Relevant to Seattle Study Club Practices and Patients?
The PerioLase® MVP-7™ is both FDA- and Health Canada-cleared, with over 1,800 general practitioners and periodontists who regularly and successfully practice the LANAP® protocol – including the Seattle Study Club founder, Dr. Michael Cohen, other Seattle Study Club directors and AAP Trustees. The LANAP® protocol achieves consistent, predictable, positive results in the treatment of periodontitis.

Evidence-Based Protocol: The LANAP® protocol has 375 published positive patient outcomes over 16 years. Unique to the periodontal literature, the LANAP® protocol is validated by two peer-reviewed, published human-histology studies, led by Raymond Yukna, DMD, MS and Marc Nevins, DMD, MMSc, demonstrating scientific evidence of new cementum, new periodontal ligament and new bone, which is the definition of periodontal regeneration, proven by human histology.

Proven Patient Acceptance: This surgical laser treatment offers a patient-accepted option for the treatment of periodontal disease with high acceptance rates. Periodontists and general dentists are reporting 90 percent acceptance rates within 12 months of diagnosis and much higher acceptance than conventional treatment options. The PerioLase® MVP-7™ for the LANAP® protocol offers a solution for all stages and types of gum disease. Your surgical and SR/P patients would prefer the LANAP® protocol if given the choice.

The LAPIP™ Protocol: Why this Treatment Should be Incorporated into your Practice: The LAPIP™ protocol is a modification of the well-defined LANAP® protocol to effectively treat the unique challenges of failing implants and destroys periodontal pathogens and endotoxins. The LAPIP™ procedure eliminates local inflammatory response with consistent and positive results in the regeneration of alveolar bone. This treatment protocol is part of the five days of guided hands-on training included in the PerioLase Periodontal Package, which is taught by the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry.

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Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc., 10945 South Street, Suite 306, Cerritos, CA 90703
P: 888.49.LASER
Dawn M. Nicholson Training Director dnicholson@lanap.com 


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