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January 15-20, 2018
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Aurum Ceramic Dental Laboratories



A History of Innovation . . . A Tradition of Excellence 

Founded in 1971 by Mr. Hans “Hyo” Maier, The Aurum Group® of companies has grown from a Calgary Alberta-based laboratory to a diversified dental company covering North America with over 550 employees and industry-wide recognition as a leader in each of its dental specialties. Yet, Hyo, his three children (Mark, Grant and Tatyana) who have joined him in the business, and his team have never lost sight of what fueled their growth—a commitment to building on-going personal relationships with each and every client, extensive continuing education support, and delivering quality solutions for comprehensive dentistry.

Today, The Aurum Group is pleased to offer Seattle Study Club members a full portfolio of outstanding aesthetic and restorative options throughout the mouth. Ranging from their exclusive ACCES® (Advanced Cosmetic Communication and Esthetic System for dentist-to-patient and dentist-to-technician communication) through bite management products, milled provisionals, beautiful all-ceramic restorations, removable prosthetics and Sports-Flex® mouthguards, the Aurum Group covers all the bases in supplying complete integrated digital solutions for aesthetic and implant dentistry.

Thank you for allowing us to make every crown and bridge or denture/cast partial case a great restoration.

The Aurum Group

Email: MitchellJ@aurumgroup.com

Toll-free 1.800.661.1169 or 403.228.5120 Ext. 8693








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