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January 15-20, 2018
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Touch Dental





Touch Dental is a unique software solution, built by dentists for dentists, that offers patients the ultimate experience and interaction with their dentist and/or his/her staff before, during and after their consultation or treatment.


Company History:

Touch Dental is one of five medical/dental verticals offered by TouchMD – including Dermatology, OBGYN, Ophthalmology, and Plastic Surgery. TouchMD is the vision of 3 Southern Utah entrepreneurs, Kary Smith, Jason Whitesides and Matt Marriott, and their team of programmers, customer support personnel and sales representatives.

In 2008-2009, the TouchMD team recognized that visiting a doctor/dentist to determine a medical/dental condition creates anxiety or other negative feelings. They further realized that the anxiety and negative feelings are often escalated after waiting in the reception area and/or treatment room until the doctor/dentist comes in; and once the consultation is complete, your doctor/dentist may or may not have time to answer your questions and if he/she does, how will you remember everything.

The TouchMD team decided to create a software solution to improve the patient experience. They pioneered a unique software solution utilizing touch screen technology that offers patients the opportunity to learn about their medical/dental condition before, during or after the consultation via their HIPAA compliant secure login patient portal My TouchMD™ - all at the control of the doctor/dentist and his/her staff.

About Touch Dental:

Touch Dental is a software system that creates an interactive experience between the patient and your dental team i.e. Educate, Illustrate and Communicate.

It is the ultimate case-closing tool providing a proven way to increase revenue through its interactive return on the patient experience ROX™. Using a combination of touch screens, tablets, iPads and smartphones in treatment and/or consultation rooms, the dentist and his/her staff can present personalized information about a patient’s dental condition(s) and recommended treatment(s). The information presented to the patient is saved in their secure login patient portal and then later accessed by the patient via their computer, tablet, iPad or smartphone. This information can be shared with the patient’s significant other or family allowing them to make a well informed and timely treatment decision.

“I have discovered Touch Dental to be an unparalleled combination of Patient Education, Communication and Marketing with a HIPAA compliant Patient Portal,” said Iowa dentist and SSC director Dr. Bob Margeas.

“We are excited to introduce Touch Dental to the dental community and believe our focus on patient centered innovation will help dentists and their staff build deeper patient relationships that lead to higher patient satisfaction and practice profitability,” said TouchMD CEO Kary Smith.

Key Touch Dental Features & Benefits:  

• HIPAA Compliant Patient Portal
• Captured Diagnostic Information is saved in the patient’s Patient Portal
• Comprehensive Patient Education that you can fully customize with your images/content for patient presentations
• Interactive Return on the Patient Experience ROX™ connect with you patients before, during and after their consultation or treatment
• Photo & Image Management Solution
• Advanced Drawing Capabilities using the patients’ own images then saved in the patient’s Patient Portal
• ReTouch™ allows you to easily and efficiently reconnect with patients that have not accepted treatment and/or have started treatment and not completed it.
• Referral Communication can be easily managed even if your colleague is not using Touch Dental yet. Of course, when your colleague is using Touch Dental then both of you have the full power of the Touch Dental software platform to communicate with your mutual patient(s).

 Contact Information:

Wayne R. Harrison, DDS
C: 469.644.4226
E: wayne@touchmd.com
W: www.touchdental.com
Kason Smith, COO
C: 435.590.6540
E: kason@touchmd.com
W: www.touchdental.com



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