They say that college is wasted on the young, who never take full advantage of the resources available. So much to be learned and yet, so much wasted. In addition to conventional training, the one-on-one collaboration between faculty and students is, in many cases, inspirational and can even be intoxicating! For all too many of us, this essential learning style ends when we leave campus. Most clinicians recognize the importance of dental continuing education but do not know how best to educate themselves.

Selecting an educational pathway filled with opportunities for clinical interaction is the most predictable way to improve oneself in this or any profession. Why participate? [Watch video]

We believe effective study clubs have three fundamental philosophies.

  • Neither ideal learning nor ideal dentistry can be attained through random exposure to various techniques and treatment modalities. Rather, the highest and most beneficial knowledge comes from total case management—a true understanding of the role any given technique or treatment plays in the "big picture."
  • We learn more by participation and clinical interaction than by observation. The focus of the curriculum should be on participation-based learning. Hands-on experience is the best way to fully understand and retain the concepts presented.
  • Learning with and from one’s peers in a structured and supportive environment is the most effective way to master the challenges posed by the dental profession.

The study club is the perfect forum to incorporate aspects of clinical dentistry, biology, medicine, the behavioral sciences and practice and financial management in a collaborative environment including hands-on experience as well as an appreciation of the “big picture” and how any given technique or treatment applies to the everyday practice of dentistry.

There are over 250 Seattle Study Club affiliates around the world—each one dedicated to cultivating excellence in comprehensive dentistry. To find one in your area, call our office at 425.576.8000 or click here to email your request.