We’re excited to announce a recent addition to the Seattle Study Club community—Midmark Corporation. A leader in clinical environmental design, Midmark aspires to enable better experiences at the point of care. One of the things that really stood out for us was their belief that the individuals who are using the equipment and technology is every bit as important as how and why it’s being used. 

Offering resources like sterilization assessments and ergonomics support, Midmark also produces the ImpactDesign series to help you achieve your ideal dental practice through a personalized, interactive discussion about efficient and effective dental-specific design principles.

To kick things off, Midmark is offering Seattle Study Club members a free assessment of your practice’s sterilization center. Your local Midmark representative has a 19-point assessment checklist and will be happy to review your current design and workflow and provide feedback about how to improve.

Learn more about Midmark here or contact your local Midmark representative to schedule your free assessment.