Non-Clinical Schedule

6:45 - 7:25am Breakfast

7:25am -12:00pm Programming


Julie draws on her own insights as a mother and dean of students to highlight the ways in which overparenting harms children, their stressed-out parents, and society at large. While empathizing with the parental hopes and (especially) fears that lead to overhelping, Julie will inspire attendees to examine their behavior and join the growing movement to allow children to develop the resourcefulness, resilience, and inner determination necessary for success.

Julie began her career as a litigator in Silicon Valley, later becoming a Stanford dean, and ultimately a writer. From her own life trajectory and from working with tens of thousands of our nation’s best and brightest young adults, Julie has a clear sense of how we become the humans we want to be, and what tends to get in our way. Julie’s style of storytelling moves people. They feel she “gets” them. They laugh, they contemplate, and sometimes it gets emotional. After the talk they’re motivated to invest in their own growth and development.

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Statistics show that one out of every two people in the Western world will develop some type of cancer. Wouldn’t you rather be the one who doesn’t? What if there was something you could do to determine your personal cancer risk, and then follow a prevention plan specifically designed with your risks in mind? In this eye-opening session, Dr Levandovsky will discuss the cutting edge diagnostics that can provide a personalized risk assessment for the twelve most common cancers in the United States, along with lifestyle modifications you can make to increase your chances of being cancer-free. He will also explain why standard mammography is ineffective in finding breast cancer in many women, and what other imaging these women should be getting regardless of insurance coverage.

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12:00 - 4:00pm Wrigley Mansion Tour and Gourmet Lunch


We leave the hotel after our two morning speakers and walk a very short distance to the Wrigley Mansion. The mansion was built between 1929 and 1931 by William Wrigley, Jr, an entrepreneur who popularized chewing gum in the late 1800s. With an eclectic mélange of styles, the mansion includes Spanish, California Monterey, Mediterranean, and even Art Deco architectural and decorative elements. Sold by the Wrigley family in the early 1970s, the mansion changed hands many times and was about to be torn down when it was saved in 1992 by George A. “Geordie” Hormel, III, a musician and one of the heirs to the Hormel meat-packing fortune. Although sadly Geordie passed away in 2006, the mansion is still owned by his widow and family. Due to zoning restrictions, the mansion is operated as a private club, with a kitchen headed by James Beard award-winning chef Christopher Gross. Following a gourmet lunch and tour, we will return to the hotel in the late afternoon.

Many accommodations are in place, but as an historic property, the mansion is not fully barrier-free.
Please note tour times will be staggered as only 30 people may take the tour at one time.

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