Non-Clinical Schedule

Directors Day

These sessions are for directors and coordinators only. Please note that breakfast is on your own.


Refresh your curriculum—superstars-in-the-making will be auditioning for directors with 12 short presentations on both clinical and non-clinical topics. This is the perfect opportunity for you to find the next grand-slam for your study club year!

Upon completion of this Speakers Showcase, directors and coordinators should be able to:

  • Discuss many of the newest clinical techniques in all areas of dentistry.
  • Articulate options for non-clinical but dentally relevant presentations concerning self-improvement.
  • Identify several up-and-coming speakers who can enhance their study club offerings.

Lecture, Up to 4.0 Hours
Multidisciplinary topics; AGD Subject code 149


To support your commitment to providing the greatest value to club members, this session provides a first look at new programming concepts; many of which can change the game in helping members increase their integrated clinical management skills. Discussion includes trouble shooting challenging operational issues. This is an exceptional opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other directors.

Upon completion of this Directors Session, attendees should be able to:

  • Add new programming concepts to their academic year.
  • Apply innovative concepts and ideas designed to strengthen their study clubs.
  • Sustain study club life and grow their membership.

Lecture, Up to 2.0 Hours
Practice Management; AGD Subject Code 550
Speaker Bio


Do you remember the last time you joined a gym? You started out enthusiastic and committed, going every day, trying out all the new equipment, and getting excited and energized by your progress. But somewhere along the path, life started to get in the way. Eventually the gym becomes an afterthought. If you’re not careful, the same thing can happen with your study club. Somewhere along the way you may start going through the motions and only occasionally pay attention to the club. I believe you need to treat your club more like an obsession.

I know that takes focus, so we’ve reworked Directors School to build from the founding principles detailed in Dr Cohen’s famous Target Zones lecture—producing real behavior change, creating complete clinicians, bringing attention back to comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning, addressing operational issues, and creating longevity and sustainability with your club. Discussion will include enhancements that meet differing individual needs, bespoke programming, and attracting younger clinicians in your community.

In the end, our goal for Directors School 3.0 is to provide tools that help you deliver a world-class experience for your club members.

Upon completion of New Directors School, directors and coordinators should be able to:

  • Reenergize their focus on study club planning and operations.
  • Incorporate program enhancements that improve and deepen the club member experience.
  • Implement strategies for attracting younger clinicians to their study club.

This session is for new and/or veteran directors and coordinators looking for a refresher course.

Lecture, Up to 1.5 Hours
Practice Management; AGD Subject Code 550