Seattle Study Club partners offer member-exclusive benefits that enable your practice to save on everyday purchases, from personal protective equipment to sterilization support. When it’s time to upgrade with big-ticket investments like intra oral scanners and 3D printers, you’ll find special offers and financing opportunities from several of the industry’s leading manufacturers. Recognizing there’s more to operating a thriving practice than equipment and supplies, we’ve partnered with service providers in the financial, marketing and legal arenas to support personal wellbeing and practice management. With potentially thousands of dollars in savings every year, partner benefits can easily offset the annual cost of membership. Read below to learn more about our various partners.


Nobel Biocare

With Nobel Biocare, you can be confident that the solutions we promote for the restoration of lost teeth have been designed with the objective of providing fully functional, natural-looking results to last a lifetime.

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MIS Implants Technologies

Established in 1995, MIS Implants Technologies is a global leader in the development and production of advanced products and innovative solutions aimed to simplify implant dentistry.

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KaVo Kerr

KaVo Kerr is a cohesive organization comprised of two global leaders that offers solutions for endodontics, restoratives, treatment units, infection prevention, imaging, rotary and instruments.

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Ivoclar, Inc. is a global leader in dental products with the mission: “To serve dentistry through innovation, quality products, value-added service, a commitment to our people and continually improving as a world class company.”

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3M Oral Care

3M Oral Care is committed to improving dental care and finding easier and better solutions for your patients. We know that it’s one thing to develop a product with a promise, but it’s yet another to consistently develop a product that lives up to its promise.

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CareCredit, a healthcare credit card, has been helping patients access needed care for more than 30 years and currently has more than 8.5 million cardholders.

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Benco Dental Company

Benco Dental is proud to be the exclusive supply, service and equipment distribution partner of the Seattle Study Club® organization. Founded in 1930 by Benjamin Cohen, Benco Dental is the nation’s largest independent—and fastest growing—full-service dental distributor.

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Align Technology, Inc

Align Technology is a global medical device company with industry-leading innovative products such as Invisalign clear aligners, iTero Intraoral scanners, and OrthoCAD digital services.

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Kuraray Noritake Dental, Inc

With top-of-the-line research and production facilities, and a vast network of supply from around the world, Kuraray leads the industry in specialty dental, fiber, resin, and elastomer products.

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Evident is a digital dental company that equips the world's best dentists and labs with the digital tools needed to grow their business by offering new and innovative ways to design, manage and present cases.

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Zest Dental Solutions

Zest Dental Solutions is a global leader in the development of industry-leading dental solutions from the preservation of natural teeth to the treatment of total edentulism, bringing smiles to millions of patients worldwide.

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Fotona Lasers

The latest generation of dental lasers have revolutionized dentistry with treatments that are faster, more effective and more satisfying to patients and practitioners than ever before.

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Merchant Advocate

We are independent advocates saving money for businesses without switching credit card processors. We understand the credit card processing industry and can help you get the best rates and fees.

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Komet USA

Welcome to Komet USA, your source for the world’s best dental rotary instruments. Komet USA brings unmatched quality and value to dental offices and laboratories across the country.

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Weave consolidates everything you need to keep in touch with your patients into one easy-to-use piece of software. Get more reviews, fuller schedules, faster payments and greater efficiency—all in one unified platform. 

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Crest+Oral-B are honored to partner with Seattle Study Club. Our role in this partnership is to highlight the importance of patient self-care between visits, to maintain the integrity of your work and help achieve our shared mission of patient oral health and treatment outcome success. Learn how we can help.

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DSN Software

DSN is an independent software development company that engineers, sells, trains, and supports the official practice management software of the Seattle Study Club.

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exocad is a leading dental CAD/CAM software provider vigorously pushing the boundaries of digital dentistry. exocad provides open and easy-to-use design software for dental practices and labs. Dental professionals worldwide create functional and highly esthetic restorations, surgical guides, night guards and abutments with exocad’s DentalCAD, ChairsideCAD and exoplan software.

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At Midmark, we believe design isn't just about the workflow, but the people working in it. We believe that who's using our equipment and technology is every bit as important as how and why it’s being used. We believe that the comfort that comes from better care happens by design.

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Nakanishi (NSK) is the world’s largest manufacturer of rotary instruments for the dental profession which includes air-driven and electric handpieces, specialty handpieces (endo, surgical, hygiene), electric motors and handpiece maintenance systems.

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Cain Watters & Associates, LLC

Since 1984, CWA has provided dental professionals with financial education and comprehensive financial services. Our work began and continues to be hyper-focused on helping our clients reach their personal goals and reap the financial rewards of their work.

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Provide easy contactless options for patients, and stop wasting valuable time on endless data entry, printing, scanning and shredding paper! YAPI allows your patients to fill out and sign patient forms via an iPad anywhere in your office or through your practice’s website from the convenience of their home computer or mobile device.

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Black Talon Security, LLC

Black Talon Security specializes in cybersecurity for dental practices. Practices are being impacted by data breaches, ransomware, and malware attacks that can shut down and compromise networks for several weeks and cost practices hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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EMS Medical

EMS is the leading manufacturer of precision medical devices for dental prophylaxis and non- surgical periodontal treatments, pain therapy and urology. We work on further improving our products and services every day – at our corporate headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland and around the world: Because, our goal is absolute perfection.

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Columbia Bank

As a dental practitioner, you’re focused on two things: the health of your patients and the health of your practice. When you bank with Columbia, you bank with people who understand what you need to maintain and develop a profitable practice.

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vhf Inc.

At vhf, we believe our customers deserve perfection, which is why we strive to create the highest precision tabletop milling machines. With more than 33 years of CNC milling experience and the input of our valued customers, we’ve refined our offerings to be the perfect blend of innovation, value, simplicity, and quality. 

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With its ground-breaking Tech in Motion™ device, MODJAW® allows practitioners to record the patients’ function in real-time and share this unique 4D (3D in motion) dataset to third-party software. The last missing piece for a fully digital workflow is finally here. Welcome to 4D Dentistry™.

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Overjet is the leading provider of AI-based software for clinical and operational improvements and accuracy. Guided by a patient-centric AI, the FDA-cleared platform integrates with major practice management and imaging systems to guide clinicians to arrive at precise and accurate diagnostic decisions.

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DentalRay is a leading radiology interpretation platform that provides dentists with radiology reports within 48 hours of a radiograph. Leveraging its automated system and national network of radiologists, DentalRay delivers exceptional radiological interpretations without the cumbersome processes and lengthy delays posed by traditional methods.

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SprintRay 3D Printers

SprintRay is a technology company that builds end-to-end 3D printing ecosystems for dental professionals. Our products empower dental clinics and labs by offering on-demand, custom manufacturing for dental models and biocompatible appliances, reducing treatment lead times and helping to improve patient outcomes.

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Seiler Medical Division

The Seiler Medical Division offers a wide variety of Dental surgical microscopes for Enhanced General Dentistry and Endodontics; and LED Surgical Loupes for applications needing low power magnification.

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Treloar & Heisel

At Treloar & Heisel we have been delivering custom insurance solutions to dentists for 60 years. Our team can help you, your family and your practice, protect and prepare for what lies ahead.

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NovaBone Products, LLC

NovaBone focuses on developing biomaterials that harness the body’s natural healing process while meeting the specialized needs of orthopedic and dental surgeons. Our Calcium-Phosphosilicate based bone graft product portfolio has demonstrated recruitment and differentiation of bone precursor cells.

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DenMat provides dental practices with a unique mix of innovative products, education, and laboratory services that enable practitioners to operate more efficiently and more effectively and produce exceptional patient outcomes.

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We focus on helping clinicians provide better patient care for their practice and the world. At Anutra Medical, we believe that a patient experience and a practitioner’s efficiency are closely linked.

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Founded in 2007 by Dr David Clark, Bioclear focuses, researches and practices extensively how to create better patient-centered care. We constantly strive to improve the products and methods available for dental treatments.

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Whiteboard Marketing

At Whiteboard Marketing, we understand the challenges dentists face in today’s marketing landscape. Our in-house marketing team functions as your practice marketing department. Partnering with more than 250 dental practices nationwide, we are a marketing agency tailored for dentists.

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Since 1908, Keystone Industries has maintained a strong reputation of producing innovative high-tech dental products in both the operatory and laboratory realms. We are dedicated to the goal of total customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding our customer expectations for product quality, competitive pricing, prompt delivery and customer service.

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Orthocell Ltd is a regenerative medicine company dedicated to the development of novel collagen medical devices and cellular therapies for the repair and regeneration of bone and soft tissue defects.

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Curve Dental

As a dental professional, you have a dual responsibility to your practice’s success and your patients’ health. As the leader in cloud-based dental practice management software, Curve Dental understands what practices need, including ease-of-use, reliability, security and value. Curve SuperHero™ is practice management as it should be with all of this in one easy to use platform:

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Salvin Logos-2019

Salvin Dental Specialties

Salvin Dental was founded by Bob Salvin in 1981, selling instruments door to door from the trunk of his car. Today, Salvin is a globally recognized brand doing business in over 100 countries.

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WellAir's patented technologies mitigate microorganisms that lead to infectious diseases, including viruses, by delivering innovative and powerful air cleaning technology and surface disinfection devices.

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StellaLife® is an innovative biotech company on a mission to improve people’s lives and significantly reduce, or in some cases eliminate, the need for narcotic pain medications, steroids, and antibiotics. Awarded 2019 Top Healing Product, the VEGA® Oral Care is formulated to temporarily reduce post-surgical dental pain, accelerate healing and promote optimum oral health.

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Bullseye Media, LLC

Since 2006 Bullseye Media has worked with over 375 dental practices. That experience has provided critical data and insights that enables them to help their clients attract more of their ideal patients and optimize their return on investment.

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Dental Lifeline Network

Dental Lifeline Network (DLN) is a national charitable organization whose mission is to improve the oral health of people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile and have no other way to get help.

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