Our goal at Bioclear is to enhance patients’ lives by expanding the possibilities of restorative dentistry. We believe in preservation of healthy tooth structure for longevity and dental health. We focus on conservative additive dentistry while addressing patients’ aesthetic and functional concerns. With these in mind, we offer clinicians new skills and methods that will greatly expand treatment modalities, professional confidence, and joy in practice.

In collaboration with the Bioclear Learning Center, Bioclear Matrix’s core mission is to design, produce, and provide dentists with products that support the Bioclear Method.


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Bioclear Matrix Systems

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From the first Bioclear Matrix designed and made in 2007 by Dr David Clark to our full anterior and posterior systems that entered the market in 2008, Bioclear has designed complete systems of clear anatomical matrices that — when use with the Bioclear Method — leave a perfect mylar finish. Today, we are still developing advanced matrices to improve the lives of patients and doctors.


Beyond production and worldwide distribution of matrices, Bioclear develops restorative methods that work. Our new Clark Class II cavity preparation is designed and tested to last longer than the traditional G.V. Black preparation developed in 1890. We produce content, strategies, and helpful tools to continually improve our high level of patient care and the happy outcomes offered by using the Bioclear Method


Bioclear aims to provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date content. Through our reps, website, and our Bioclear Learning Center — we strive to provide proper training and education resources for using Bioclear matrices and the Bioclear Method.

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The mission of the Bioclear Learning Centers is to provide a pathway for dentists and their offices to transition from traditional G.V. Black dentistry, to the extraordinary world of modern direct dentistry. Why? Composite dentistry and endodontics have been built upon an outdated model of amputation of tooth structure to accomplish goals that today are no longer scientifically grounded. Further compounding the problem is the issue of manufacturer-driven continuing education, when 4 out 5 products introduced today don’t even meet manufacturer’s own claims.

The Bioclear Learning Centers provide experiential learning and small class sizes. They boast a rich support system and systematic follow-up with all participants.

Bioclear Matrix Systems offers the latest, most progressive products and techniques for anterior and posterior composites, an evolution from traditional preparations and matrixing systems. Dr David Clark has changed the course of dental restorations. His procedural advances bring new dimension to aesthetics and function.

It is Bioclear’s mission is to provide dentists with tools and equipment for longer lasting, stronger, and aesthetically superior composites. Bioclear Matrix is changing the dental industry offering more affordable options with superior results.