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Since 1984, CWA has provided dental professionals with financial education and comprehensive financial services. Our work began and continues to be hyper-focused on helping our clients reach their personal goals and reap the financial rewards of their work.


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Reaching Financial Success

CWA’s specialized work within the dental industry supports the growth of more than 1,900 clients in all 50 states. Our comprehensive financial services integrate sound accounting practices and proactive tax planning with opportunities for profitability improvement. We understand the business side of dentistry. We couple that with knowledge of the importance of good accounting to manage your business and proactive tax planning to minimize your federal and state tax liabilities. Our advisors build comprehensive, strategic and integrated financial plans to guide our clients to meet their goals. We understand the value of pension planning complemented by a solid investment strategy.

CWA offers solutions to growing your practice, strategies on how and when to bring in associates or partners, personal budgeting, comprehensive insurance review, estate planning, and more.

Your journey to financial peace shouldn't be complicated. Take the first step confident and assured that you're headed in the right direction. For a complimentary consultation, speak to a member of our team at 972-233-3323 or

Education and Consultations

Our founding philosophy is that education is a gift. Representatives from CWA began lecturing in 1984 to various dental societies, study clubs, state and national associations and investment symposiums. CWA’s presentations draw from 30 years of experience in dental consulting topics that are educational in nature. Speaker qualifications combined with independent advice and lecture topics regularly attract high attendance during large multi-speaker meetings. All of our presentations can be tailored to fit your meeting’s agenda and time needs. To book a CWA speaker for your next event visit