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Practice management is tough work. ClariCare provides elegant solutions, which simplify daily operations, discover lost business, and delight your patients. By taking the unnecessary hassle out of the day-to-day, you and your team will be more productive—resulting in better patient outcomes and the growth of your business!

Let us help you boost case acceptance, chip away at your million-dollar filing cabinet, and improve the most critical activities in your office.


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Introducing ClariCare

Introducing ClariCare—a software platform that integrates with your Practice Management System. We are not an appointment reminder system. We are not simply an analytics platform. We provide tools and insights to help your practice run more effectively and efficiently, to fill your schedule, and delight your patients.

There are four main components to the ClariCare platform:

Practice Fitness Report is an analytics suite that identifies and organizes your patient data in easy and actionable ways.

Huddle app is your daily productivity tool, which implements a structured approach to your day and puts all your patient and practice information at your fingertips—ensuring your office will maximize productivity & efficiency. We also have high-value features such as real-time KPIs, benchmarking and checklist functionality built-in to monitor best practices.

Harvester is your safety net that manages patients who slip through the cracks. This app builds smart reactivation campaigns focused on recall AND restorative—with other high value “buckets” of patients as well.

Presenter (Coming Soon) will bridge the patient engagement gap. It’s an innovative chair-side treatment plan and presentation tool that provides true clinical and financial transparency—with a personalized 3D dentition that is mapped to your patient’s mouth. This helps them to better understand their diagnosis, financial responsibility and sends them home with targeted information.


Improving case acceptance is a major priority for dentists, along with finding ways to harvest the revenue opportunities that slip through the cracks when patients don’t accept treatment; ClariCare provides tools and insights tailored to fit your practice. Together, we’ll maximize your team, fill your schedule, and impress your patients. We connect directly with your Practice Management System to provide modern tools to run your practice more efficiently and more effectively.


Exclusive Benefit to Seattle Study Club Members

ClariCare will extend a special Seattle Study Club member price of $159 per month for Huddle and Harvester – along with a complimentary Practice Fitness Report. Also, we will extend a complimentary call campaign for member offices that respond before March 31, 2017. We have a third-party call center that specializes in dentistry – let us show you how turnkey this solution can be!

  • Get an in-depth analysis of the health of your practice, as we organize and present data differently from your PMS or other analytics companies.
  • Arm your staff with tools to drive efficiency and help them deliver better care.
  • Prioritize reactivation campaigns and we will work with you to identify low-hanging fruit.
  • Realize a bump in production, fill your schedule, and help your patients maximize the dental benefits available to them.

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