Dental Intelligence

Dental Intelligence (get.dentalIntel.com/ssc) is used daily by over 4000 dentists and their 15,000 team members to improve patient care, team collaboration, and practice performance. After connecting to your Practice Management Software, Dental Intelligence analyzes your data, giving you actionable information your entire team can use in real-time to get incredible results.

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Dental Intelligence

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The most powerful software ever built for dentists.




The most powerful software ever built for dentists.

A few things we think you’ll like:
- Make sure nothing falls through the cracks
- Close 30% more treatment cases
- Identify hidden revenue you’re missing out on
- Spot trends now so you can correct them
- See what’s really going on in your practice
- Reappoint 82% more patients
- Simplify everything you do while getting more results
- Increase Hygiene by 12% in the first 60 days
- Improve the patient experience
- Increase production across the board
- Fill your schedule and help more patients
- Increase collections by 6% with just one feature
- Increase Production Per Visit
- Get way more done in less time
- Pull call lists with just a couple clicks of a mouse
- Patient data for incoming calls pops up automatically
- And a whole lot more...

“Our brand new front desk hire just did $17,185 of rescheduled production using Dental Intelligence.”
-Hollowbrook Family Dentistry

“Production is up by $133,213 from this time last year.”
-West Lakes Dentistry

“We’ve increased Future Visits by 260 appointments- – an extra $77,220 for our practice.”
- Foster Dental Care

“Out of our 30 years of practicing, Dental Intelligence has been the BEST decision we’ve ever made.”
-Lost Mountain Dental

Dental Intelligence makes sense of the data hidden inside your Practice Management System. We give you immediate access to data that is either completely unavailable in your PMS or it requires way too much time and effort to manually run reports and access.

Working 24/7, Dental Intelligence is always running behind the scenes analyzing your data, crunching numbers, identifying opportunities and red flags, and giving you the information you need to make the best decision right now. No more guesswork and all answers just a click or two away.

Get started for free today and receive a free Practice Analysis. We’ll connect your practice to Dental Intelligence and perform a deep-dive, in-depth analysis of your actual data. See your practice like you never have before.