Dental Monitoring

Since 2014, Dental Monitoring’s suite of AI-powered solutions has offered access to the most cutting-edge software for virtual consultations and remote treatment monitoring. In that suite is SmileMate, that leverages video technology to allow doctors to assess patients’ oral health instantly and remotely to allow you to save valuable in office appointments for those that need it most.


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Dental Monitoring

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Make it easy for new patient leads to get in touch and convert more easily.

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SmileMate combines advanced artificial intelligence with the convenience of smartphones to connect patients and doctors in virtual consultations. Our solution allows practices to assess and communicate with new patients or existing patients remotely.

With SmileMate, you can:

  • Increase patient flow
  • Initiate first patient contact via secure video consultation
  • Convert patients leads via your website
  • Generate comprehensive reports in 10 minutes
  • Organic and triage patients, schedule appointments, as needed.

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