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Ivoclar, Inc - Passion, Vision and Innovation

Ivoclar, Inc. is dedicated to delivering a total quality experience that consistently meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations. The customer may be external, the people to whom we sell our products, or internal, the people with whom we interact on a daily basis in attempting to achieve our corporate mission. “To serve dentistry through innovation, quality products, value-added service, a commitment to our people and continually improving as a world class company.”

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Ivoclar, Inc
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175 Pineview Drive
Amherst, NY 14228 USA

Within US: 800-533-6825


A Passion for Better Dentistry

At Ivoclar, our name and our people are synonymous with expertise and satisfaction throughout the dental industry. We realize that our customers provide the impetus for proposed products, and our team engages with them to respond to their thoughts and ideas. Our passion for improving dentistry and oral care - and our customers - inspire us to develop new and exciting opportunities throughout the industry. Our passion is further reflected in the personalized approach we take with our customers and all of our collaborative professional relationships.

Our Vision for Better Products

We're committed to researching and developing high-quality materials, processes, and results. Every day, we strive to deliver the most reliable, easiest to use products on the market. Placing the highest priority on functionality, esthetics, and durability, our research teams collaborate with renowned international institutes and universities to develop innovative restorative and prosthetic materials and equipment. Geared toward the needs of today's dental professionals and patients, our products are widely recognized as the standard for contemporary dental practice.

World-Class Innovation

Through collaborative partnerships and visionary leadership, Ivoclar capitalizes on every opportunity to help the dental industry grow and flourish. We're passionate about innovation, and it shows in the way we continuously reassess not only our products, but our process. As a global industry leader, we're driven to add value to our products. We achieve that by engaging in cutting-edge research and development, and by providing exemplary customer service and support.

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