Jaw movements both shape the teeth and are guided by the shape of teeth. So, dentistry is all about static AND dynamic data

Computer-aided design and manufacturing of an occlusal scheme in harmony with function remains a great challenge in dental treatments, yet plays a major role in the long-term success of dental rehabilitations.

With its ground-breaking Tech in Motion™ device, MODJAW® allows practitioners to record the patients’ function in real-time and share this unique 4D (3D in motion) dataset to third-party software. The last missing piece for a fully digital workflow is finally here. Welcome to 4D Dentistry™.

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Create a dynamic virtual patient with MODJAW® Tech in Motion™

A Simple Protocol

  • LIVE jaw motion and dynamic occlusion within minutes
  • RECORD all types of mandibular movements (protrusion, chewing, phonation and others)
  • REPLAY using unique features of the software. Go further and get a full virtual thanks to additional models like facescan, bone models and provisionals.
  • SHARE all static and dynamic 4D data with your lab in a few clicks.

One solution for multiple specialties

Whether your daily work involves prosthodontic or orthodontic treatments, partial or full mouth rehabilitations, simplify your protocols and offer customized dental care with MODJAW®.


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Unique Benefits

  • Incredible patient experience
  • Complete first assessment in one consultation
  • Seamless communication with the lab
  • Serenity within therapeutic choices
  • Predictable treatment plans