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NovaBone Products, LLC

NovaBone focuses on developing biomaterials that harness the body’s natural healing process while meeting the specialized needs of orthopedic and dental surgeons. Our Calcium-Phosphosilicate based bone graft product portfolio has demonstrated recruitment and differentiation of bone precursor cells. Today, our company offers the largest portfolio of regenerative biologics that include bone formation products, as well as products that repair and remodel tissue.


Contact Information

NovaBone Products, LLC

13510 NW US Highway 441
Alachua, FL 32615 USA

Phone: 386-462-7660


Smart Science™ — Osteostimulation

Unlike other synthetic grafts that are bioinert, NovaBone belongs to the class of bioactive regenerative materials that not only acts as an osteoconductive scaffold but also interacts with the surrounding tissues and imparts an osteostimulatory effect. The viability and proliferation potential of osteoblasts has been shown to be exemplified in the presence of NovaBone particles.

Unique Dispensing System

NovaBone Dental Putty is available in unique disposable uni-dose cartridges — an industry first minimally invasive solution that simplifies graft delivery in hard to access defects, immediate implant surgeries, osteotome sinus surgeries, etc.

Clinical Efficacy

With over 50 publications in peer reviewed journals in the past 6 years, NovaBone has consistently proven to regenerate bone in various osseous defects including ridge augmentations, sinuses, sockets, periodontal defects, etc. A global network of over 25 key opinion leaders and influencers recommend the simplicity NovaBone with exceptional outcomes!