Overjet is the leading provider of AI-based software for clinical and operational improvements and accuracy. Guided by a patient-centric AI, the FDA-cleared platform integrates with major practice management and imaging systems to guide clinicians to arrive at precise and accurate diagnostic decisions. Research by PhDs from MIT, dentists from Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and the support from Harvard Innovation Labs helped Overjet design the essential component to achieve the level of trust dentists expect to see. Schedule a demo with Overjet today by visiting here.

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Improve Diagnostic Decision-Making, Productivity & Efficiency

Modern practices are realizing the clinical and operational value of innovative technologies and moving towards smarter operations that leverage artificial intelligence. Guided by a patient-centric AI, Overjet offers more data points in dental x-rays than previously possible and quantifies key findings that lead to better care and patient outcomes. With data-driven diagnoses being the key to success, Overjet’s FDA-cleared platform guides dentists and hygienists to achieve clinical accuracy, precision, and consistency to drive the practice forward.

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Enhance Practice Performance

Looking for ways to add value to your practice? Overjet is a state-of-the-art AI solution that is the only FDA-approved product of its kind, built to improve overall practice performance from a clinical perspective. Overjet is proven to help:

  • Deliver personalized and high-quality patient care
  • Increase case acceptance through heightened patient education
  • Automate administrative tasks by detecting coding and billing errors
  • Increase productivity through the identification of treatment opportunities

Empower Your Team Member with AI Technology

Utilize your data to understand where treatment opportunities within your clinic are before patients arrive for the day. Overjet proactively identifies areas of miscoded treatment and potential treatment opportunities for clinicians to key in on while a patient is in the chair. Additionally, Overjet analyzes data in real-time as clinicians see patients.

Overjet can help grow your practice by:

  • Standardizing care among your practice
  • Tracking clinical metrics among providers
  • Providing insight into financial metrics