Reach all your patients with one simple tool.

More than 8,000 healthcare professionals trust Simplifeye to help them acquire patients, increase revenue, and streamline front desk operations.

Simplifeye’s award-winning services include 24/7 live chat for websites, online scheduling, text-to-schedule reminders for patients with incomplete treatment, text and email invoices, customized payment plans, and credit card processing with 0% merchant fees. 

Contact Information


Kate Urbanowski
Associate Payments Director

Phone: 317-623-4087


24/7 Live Chat—No Bots About It

When patients visit your website they are looking for a dentist, and many times they have questions. Engage with patients any time—nights, weekends and even holidays—with Simplifeye Live Chat. Our smile specialists can communicate in 10 languages and respond within 8 seconds. 

Simplifeye’s smile specialists are trained to qualify patients to your specifications (insurance, procedures, etc.). Patient information and appointment requests are passed to practices via an end-to-end encrypted, HIPAA-secure portal. 


Targeted Patient Recall

Simplifeye Invite is an easy and efficient way to fill open chair time with current patients who have not completed treatment. Send text and email campaigns to patients with a link to book an appointment online or call the practice. 

Target open appointment times for just one day or set an ongoing campaign for the AI-powered patient matching program. You can segment by procedure, insurance coverage, last treatment date, and more to make sure you’re reaching the right patients. Automating patient calls will save your front desk team hours and is a simple solution to boosting production.


Online Scheduling

Did you know 67% of patients prefer scheduling appointments online? Not to mention, more than half of adults ages 57-26 say they would switch providers for the ability to book appointments online. 

With Simplifeye Scheduling, your patients can easily book available time on your schedule, from the convenience of their phone, tablet or laptop—24 hours a day. Appointments are automatically updated in your practice management software. Our flexible scheduling features allow your practice to tailor the availability of all providers and operatories with just a few clicks.



Simplifeye Payments helps your front office every day, providing an end-to-end payment solution designed to process in-office transactions with wireless hardware, send text and email invoices, and create customizable payment plans.

Payments’ automated workflow saves staff time reconciling transactions and allows practices to recoup more revenue with electronic invoicing and recurring payments. It also automates collections calls, so team members do not have to make those calls to patients. This workflow also creates digital auto-debiting for recurring payments and sends automated text and email reminders to patients. By tokenizing credit/debit/ACH information, practices can also save payment information for payment assurance after the explanation of benefits comes back to the office, reducing accounts receivable to $0. Plus, it is easy to integrate into existing practice management software.