Creating Perfection

At vhf, we believe our customers deserve perfection, which is why we strive to create the highest precision tabletop milling machines. With more than 35 years of CNC milling experience and the input of our valued customers, we’ve refined our offerings to be the perfect blend of innovation, value, simplicity, and quality. Our milling systems allow doctors and lab technicians to unleash their imaginations and materialize the best possible restorations for their patients.


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Interested in Bringing Production In-House:
Which Workflow Fits Your Practice?

Why bring production in-house?

In-house production has huge benefits for your practice, including:


With 20-minute crowns, 45-minute custom abutments, and overnight full arch/denture production, in-house production with vhf can unlock same day and next day dentistry.

Quality Control

Have you had to change labs because of declining quality and responsiveness? With your own production, there is no more worrying if the restoration will fit when patients are in the chair.

Increase Profitability

Milling materials costs a fraction of lab bills. How much do you spend on lab bills per case, per month, per year?

Market Differentiation 

Are you looking to standout in a crowded dental market? Our mills are showpieces that will get your patients talking to their friends about how fast and advanced their dentist is.

To learn more about vhf, our milling solutions, and how you can integrate these profit-generating solutions into your practice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.