Zest Dental Solutions

Helping patients find their smiles, rediscover their confidence and LOCATE a higher quality of life.

Zest Dental Solutions designs, develops and manufactures a full spectrum of proven, innovative dental solutions that benefit your patients and your practice. All of our products are manufactured in California, USA, and range from air abrasion and impression materials to implants and the family of LOCATORĀ® Overdenture Attachment Systems.

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Zest Dental Solutions

2875 Loker Avenue. E.
Carlsbad, CA 92010 USA

Phone: 800-262-2310

Email: sales@zestdent.com


Choices For Every Patient At Every Stage Of Their Lifecycle

Zest delivers a full spectrum of dental solutions across the continuum of patient care from pre- to fully edentulous.


LOCATOR® Root Attachment
The starting point for pre-edentulous patients entering into a stable, tooth-supported attachment for a bridge, partial or overdenture.

LOCATOR® Overdenture Implant System
This 2-part implant system is packaged with the LOCATOR Attachment System bringing quality, ease and affordability to your practice.

LOCATOR® Removable Attachment System
The most trusted and requested attachment system on the market delivering smiles to over 3.8 million patients worldwide with a 99.98% satisfaction rate.

LOCATOR R-Tx® Removable Attachment System
Built upon the industry preferred LOCATOR Attachment System the LOCATOR R-Tx provides greater wear resistance, enhanced esthetics and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

LOCATOR F-Tx® Fixed Attachment System
Revolutionary technology that delivers fixed treatment solutions with no screws or cement for improved esthetics and practice efficiency.