The Logistics You May Be Wondering About


  • Typically set on an academic calendar (September to May or June)
  • One program per month
    • 2 to 3 full-day lectures
    • 6 to 7 evenings of clinical interaction (Treatment Planning, Problem Solving, Clinical Debate, Failures Workshops and many others)
  • Combination of multiple formats sustains participants’ interest over the long term
  • Structure, timing and details of each session are outlined for you

Club Structure:

  • Director and Coordinator (drive the study club)
  • Advisory Board (specialists you invite to serve as the “faculty” for your club)
  • Membership (general practitioners you invite)
  • Minimum 10 participants
  • Ideally 18 to 30 participants


  • Start-up
    • “The Organizer”
      • Manual of step-by-step instructions on how to run the club
      • Sample budgets, schedules and letters
      • Programming details
    • SSC Team (unlimited consultation time)
      • Operations and logistics
      • Programming or curriculum development
      • Member recruitment
      • Individual session instruction (Kickoff, Treatment Planning, Problem Solving, etc)
  • Content resources
    • Cases for discussion
    • Live-Streaming Web Sessions
    • High-Intensity Learning Series
    • (complimentary subscription for SSC members)
    • Ideally 18 to 30 participants