To establish this unique learning environment on your own is a daunting task. But once you become a Seattle Study Club director, you will have all of our resources at your disposal. Our experienced team will serve as your personal “sherpas" every step of the way.


You will receive our “Organizer”—a manual, really, that provides a step-by-step approach to getting your club up and running. It includes sample budgets, letters, schedules, material packets and much more. This is your reference guide. The personal guidance comes from your sherpa, who will host several consultations with you covering everything from operations and logistics to customized programming and budgeting to recruiting members. We will even coach you through each of your individual programs prior to their execution.

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You will be given access to a myriad of tools that will help you elevate every aspect of your study club experience. In this section you will find an example of a video that you can use when recruiting members, a brochure outlining many of the content resources that would be available to you and a sample of the online “Toolbox” that contains all of our resources at your immediate disposal.

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We are continually developing program resources to make leading a successful study club easier and more rewarding.


Seattle Study Club virtual toolbox puts member resources at their disposal.


In addition, we host three events every year that also support you in cultivating a study club of the highest caliber. Our National Symposium is open to all SSC members and has become known as the “gold standard” of dental meetings. Our Directors Summit gives us two days to focus on creating the best study clubs and practices possible. Coordinators Conference is designed to help our team members efficiently and effectively manage our study clubs and market our practices.​