Our first Seattle Study Club-wide live meeting is finally on the horizon! Here’s the bird’s-eye view (full brochure to be published online in August or September 2021). From an educational standpoint, Symposium 2022 will focus on total case management — in other words, how to think about and handle a case from the moment the patient enters your office to the final follow-up. Lectures and workshops will cover communication tools and skills, interdisciplinary diagnosis and treatment planning and of course, the treatment rendered — all with the fusion of digital and analog in mind.

With a faculty of top educators, our goal for Symposium 2022 is to engage you in a thorough and rigorous analytical process and to challenge you to take advantage of everything the digital/analog approach has to offer, leading to better outcomes both cognitively and clinically. 

From a social standpoint, to be back together again in one of the most beautiful spots in the US and at one of the top hotels in the Ritz-Carlton chain (and also with most surfaces newly refreshed) is something for which we truly cannot wait. We look forward to being “home again” with our Seattle Study Club family, and both contributing to and benefiting from the huge jolt of energy Symposium never fails to deliver. Symposium has always been about renewal, but in 2022, more than ever!

The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel
Dana Point, California

$399 per night (plus taxes and fees)
Book January 25–30, 2022
Call 800.930.5146

Simply scan the QR code.

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