JANUARY 26–29, 2022

Symposium 2022 will be an incredible four days of discovery, breakthrough information and awe-inspiring ideas, guided by some of the world’s most eminent clinicians and business minds. This kind of exchange of energy and emotion is what we’ve all missed, and what we look forward to when we meet at the end of January 2022 at our old stomping grounds—The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel. Just call us the OGs of the OC when it comes to bringing Seattle Study Club members to this beautiful seaside town. It will be our third Symposium at this welcoming hotel, and we are certain to remember the good times we’ve had while envisioning all that’s to come at this meeting. We’re home again!

We’re calling our 2022 meeting The Game Is Afoot because solving complex cases is a high stakes game—a game of wits and adventure, pitting one’s diagnostic skills against many a clinical dilemma, exploring treatment options with the interdisciplinary team, coming up with a plan that resolves not only the functional but also the esthetic issues, and executing on the treatment in a way that makes both the patient and the clinician happy. This is not a game for the faint of heart. It takes guts, determination and maybe even some deductive reasoning to figure out these cases (not unlike the intriguing adventures of another OG—Sherlock Holmes—and more recently, his younger sister Enola).

The first three days of this meeting are devoted to the fundamentals—diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment—and the fourth day brings it all together as we explore the application of the underlying principles to some extremely complex cases. With an amazing clinical faculty and Seattle Study Club favorite Kevin Joyce as our emcee, our four days in Laguna promise to challenge our minds and delight our hearts. Of course, there will also be some intrigue that is yours to sleuth out over the course of the meeting. Visit here to learn more and explore Symposium 2022.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Michael Cohen, DDS, MSD

Founder, Seattle Study Club