Scanners, printers, mills and materials can make for quite a juggling act. We’ve all been there, which is why we’re excited to announce our new partnership with exocad America. Providing a wide range of integrated CAD/CAM software, their innovative, hardware-neutral solutions can save you time. Quick response times and optimal usability speed up your daily work, simplifying complex procedures and boosting efficiency.

Recognized for vigorously pushing the boundaries of digital dentistry, exocad provides easy-to-use design software for dental practices and labs that can be used with any scanner or mill. Dental professionals worldwide create functional and highly esthetic restorations, surgical guides, night guards and abutments. Noted for easy integration into any workflow, exocad helps you optimize patient care and control clinical outcomes.

exocad offers exclusive promotional deals and educational offerings to the Seattle Study Club community—we encourage you to visit their partner page to learn more. And if you’re attending Symposium 2022, stop by their booth to meet their mascot.