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The cyber threat landscape is shifting in new and critical directions that impact the dental industry. While finan- cial gain still drives cyber crime, the accumulation and exercise of raw power is the latest holy grail. Criminals are strategically leveraging potent tools, from hacking the news cycle (fake news) to infiltrating positions of power (insider theft), from weaponizing the internet of things (cyber warfare) to exploiting information for the purpose of extortion (cyber blackmail). The common mistake is to assume that these trends won’t affect practices like yours or people like you. And that is where the danger lies.

Smart speakers and digital assistants like Alexa, Google, and Siri eavesdrop on the conversations you have at home and work, sharing your preferences and behaviors with their partners. Super cookies collect your browsing history even when you have cookies turned off, selling your privacy to the highest bidder. Mobile phone providers track and trade your location while social media sites like Facebook and lnstagram build psychographic dossiers that classify you according to your attitudes, aspirations and intimate behaviors. And you sit there, unaware, both a fan and victim of the two faces of technology: convenience and surveillance. We’ll focus on taking back your privacy with skills that apply across the ever-changing tactics of clever marketers, digital advertisers, and cyber criminals.

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Are you sometimes confused about what to eat? Does it seem like nutritionists are always changing their minds? Do you want to lose weight but don’t know where to look or what to believe? Nutrition is a science based in biochemistry that studies how food impacts health, wellbeing, and disease. And yet, identifying scientifically sound guidance—what health professionals and physicians often refer to as evidence-based—can be rather tricky given the constant flow of (mis)information spewing from all sources. Dr P.K. Newby (“The Nutrition Doctor”) is a Harvard-trained scientist, gastronome, and author with 25 years of experience researching diet-related diseases; studying how people make food choices and their impact on the environment; and teaching why what we eat matters from farm to fork. In this presentation she will sort science fact from fiction and share what the evidence really shows when it comes to health and longevity.

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Jason Stuart is a Hollywood actor, comedian, and inspirational speaker who refers to himself as a middle-aged gay Jewish man who just wants to make audiences laugh out loud. In this presentation Jason describes his life growing up with his over-the-top Jewish family, including a father with post-traumatic stress syndrome due to his experiences during the Holocaust, a flamboyant mother with four husbands from Brooklyn, an overweight, angry brother, and an orthodox Jewish sister who has banished him from her family. (Jason has never been allowed to meet his nieces and nephews although he lives five minutes from their home.) Jason shares the intimate details of being bullied all through his school years and being plagued with thoughts of suicide as a youth. This is a funny, poignant story about surviving a crazy family, clearing up the wreckage of one’s past, and finding one’s way in Hollywood (and in life).

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