With the depth and breadth of clinical talent in the Seattle Study Club network, Dr. Cohen felt that its members deserved a ‘homegrown’ publication that would reflect the focus on comprehensive treatment planning for which the Seattle Study Club is known.


The Seattle Study Club Journal first hit the press with its Fall 1996 issue. The mainstay of The Seattle Study Club Journal is its clinical cases, which are published over two issues. The first issue features all the initial information and documentation necessary to form a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan. The following issue shows the actual treatment rendered and the final result. These case studies provide clinicians attending a treatment planning session an opportunity to discuss what they might do differently. The Seattle Study Club Journal is the first and only dental publication that has a specific focus on presenting how cases are handled by clinicians around the world.

No other journal takes the reader from beginning to end of “real life” cases on a regular basis. It is the only quarterly publication to actually follow cases from a longitudinal standpoint. This approach is in the style of graduate seminars held regularly in certain schools and led by the likes of Saul Schluger, Morton Amsterdam and Gerald Kramer. We believe that this style; the continuous, persistent involvement with case diagnosis and treatment planning, is the key to honing and refining one’s dental awareness. Our focus on “real-life” cases has led to some misunderstanding as to our purpose, however. Some clinicians have felt that we should be showing only ideal treatment.


In the real world, dentistry is not always ideal but rather a series of compromises. Our purpose is to reflect that world, not only the “expert’s world” of ideal dentistry.

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