Since its inception in 1996, Seattle Study Club Journal has served a primary purpose—to focus on the comprehensive treatment planning for which Seattle Study Club is known. And today, we still believe consistent involvement with case diagnosis and treatment planning is the cornerstone of refined dental awareness and ultimately better patient outcomes.

While our commitment has remained steadfast for more than two decades, the world has truly changed, and our collective access to information is infinitely more immediate. In response, we launched Seattle Study Club Journal Online—your 24/7/365 portal to case studies, exclusive profiles, business advice, wellness tips and more. We’ve asked some familiar friends, and are engaging new ones, to produce content that provides insight into the daily challenges and victories of this dynamic profession.

Clinical cases still feature all the initial information and documentation necessary to form a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan, followed by the actual treatment rendered and the final result. We invite you to review and discuss what you might do differently. Capitalize on the opportunity to follow and review real life cases from beginning to end on a regular basis. Should you ever miss one, simply visit the archive to sort through several years of cases.

Long term success in the industry means we have to boost our business skills with equal verve. Over the years we’ve asked several of the leading business minds in the country to share advice and recommendations to help you build a stronger, more sustainable business. These leaders join us again in establishing a virtual bank of resources and insights you can access anytime to improve your process and your practice.


We’ve also long advocated for what we call the complete clinician, and while that has often meant a rounding out of clinical skills and knowledge base, it also means the full you—the you who has kids, aging parents, a difficult time balancing work and life, an intense interest in Moroccan cooking, or major wanderlust. That said, we’re thrilled to be sharing for the first time information, ideas and experts to help address those challenges, advise you of life hacks, or simply recommend a fantastic burger joint in the next city you plan to visit.

Welcome to the new digital age of Seattle Study Club Journal— stories that make a difference in your life, with your practice, for your patients.

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