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ACT Dental offers multiple coaching options, from do-it-yourself online training, to fully customized coaching. Whatever the platform, we focus on the development and implementation of critical dental practice management systems. At ACT, we coach great dentists to become effective leaders of the highest performing teams.


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Why does my dental practice need a coach?

If you look at every great team, successful leader, or business, you’ll see a coach in the background pushing them to achieve their true potential.

What differentiates us at ACT Dental is our highly skilled group of experts and the extremely diverse breadth of knowledge they possess. Our program touches every facet of high-quality dentistry from accurate billing and financial arrangements to producing more and scheduling effectively. For the past 20 years, we have been helping dentists learn the systems, strategies, and solutions to build a better practice and a better life.

Have you forgotten your “Why?”

Many of the dentists we help have simply forgotten why they started practicing dentistry in the first place. Almost every one of the doctors we speak to wanted to pursue a career where they could improve the health of their patients and provide for their family. What they didn’t realize is that running a successful practice requires you to not only be a great practitioner but to also lead and run a business at the same time. For many, this is an overwhelming prospect and one they were not equipped for in dental school.

Our coaches are here for you

Getting your life and your practice back on track requires fundamental changes in personal perspective and business practices.

Maybe you need help keeping your staff motivated and working collaboratively. Perhaps you need to straighten out your front office systems to retain more patients, or you need to develop not just as a manager but also as a leader.

No matter where you may need help, we have the right team and tools to implement a lasting solution.

And, our number one goal is to discover…

What’s important to you?

Let’s work together and customize a plan to your needs

Our program is designed to be fully customized to help you meet your goals. We start by working with you and your team to understand the strengths of your practice and any challenges you may currently be facing. Then we put our combined experience to work for you and create a roadmap for success. Click below to set up a phone call with our team and get started building a better practice and a better life!