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Q‐Optics is a global leader in the field of custom through‐the‐lens magnification and headlight systems headquartered in Duncanville, Texas. With over 40 years’ experience in the dental industry, Quality Aspirators and Q-Optics continues to expand globally by ensuring quality products and impeccable customer service. Q-Optics loupes feature custom fit through the lens design or the standard flip up design. Q‐Optics is dedicated to manufacturing high end magnification and supplying the practitioner with a high quality, lifetime guaranteed, custom fit loupe system. We use the latest technology for manufacturing our dental loupes and fiber optic headlight systems.


Contact Information

Q-Optics & Quality Aspirators

PO BOX 382120
1419 Godwin Lane
Duncanville, TX 75116 USA

Phone: 972-298-2669

Fax: 972-298-6592

Email: sales@q-optics.com


True-Fit® Technology, a Q-Optics exclusive, helps ensure that your custom TTL Loupes are the perfect fit for you. The human face is one of the most subtly complex parts of the human body and the fit of your loupes should be more than determining the width of your eyes. Q-Optics True-Fit® Technology digitally captures all your necessary facial features and frame fit characteristics. Custom measurement, custom fitting, and custom fabrication are what set us apart.

Why Q-Optics Loupes?

  • True Fit™ Measuring Technology
  • Telescopes & Frames designed for Ergonomics, Performance and Safety
  • Lightest expanded field loupes on the market
  • Premium titanium frames
  • Unbeatable Lifetime Warranty
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Made in the USA

True-Fit® Certified