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Zephyr Sleep Technologies has created the only FDA-approved treatment planning device for effective and predictive oral appliance therapy (OAT) for obstructive sleep apnea. The MATRx plus™ achieves nearly 100% effective OAT by determining patient response and identifying optimum therapeutic mandible position before therapy begins.

Approximately one billion adults worldwide suffer from mild to extreme obstructive sleep apnea. As many as 80% of these people are undiagnosed. These statistics suggest approximately 25% of a dental practice’s patients suffer from sleep apnea making doctors perfectly poised to screen and provide therapy.


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Treatment Planning

The team-based workflow is easy-to-learn and quick to implement. MATRx plus will help deliver a better patient experience and drive higher case acceptance.

  • Reduce chair time — 75% of patients require only one appliance fitting visit
  • Drive referrals with clinically validated technology that is as effective as CPAP
  • Patient experience is improved with faster time-to-treatment
  • Increase production by treating more patients

After a good night’s sleep, your patients will thank you!

Steps to Success with MATRx plus

Oral appliances work, but they don’t work for everyone! The MATRx plus simplifies patient selection by accurately predicting who to treat and how to treat before manufacturing an oral sleep appliance.

Doctors who embark on sleep, using the MATRx plus, see immediate rewards including increased referrals, production, and revenue. MATRx plus performs three types of at-home sleep studies:

Zephyr 4 steps graphic

“The predictive value of the MATRx plus is huge. Before a sleep apnea patient goes through the process of getting an oral appliance and paying for it, they already know if it’s going to work for them.”

- Dr. Mike Parchewsky, Terra Dental Care -

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