Robert G. Ritter, DMD, received his dental degree from The Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine in 1994. Dr Ritter has published many articles on adhesive and esthetic dentistry and has served on the editorial boards of Spectrum, PPAD, Inside Dentistry and The Journal of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is an editorial board member of REALITY, a publication to keep dentists up to date with dental materials within the industry.

Dr Ritter is a member of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, The American Academy of Restorative Dentistry, The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, The International Association of Dental Researchers, The American Society for Dental Aesthetics, and the ADA, as well as a Kois graduate. He is a past president of the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and is a member of the Seaside Study Club, a component of Seattle Study Club®.

Dr Ritter has been presenting for over 17 years to both national and international crowds. He has spoken in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, and Europe. He brings years of technical information and has the ability to transform information into practical everyday use for the audience.

Dr Ritter, wife Isabelle and their daughter Olivia enjoy tennis, golf, the beach, travel, piano, and movies.

Topics Available

“Recommendation Marketing—Google Reviews for Todays Dental Practice”

Consumer Reviews of a dental practice are the lifeblood of new patients. Building trust of potential patients now start from online presence and being seen on the internet. Dentistry is moving quickly in implementation of the newest technologies available. This presentation will help the practices of today get ready for the changes of tomorrow. The presentation will cover the foolproof way of acquiring 5-star reviews, dental software options, social media and digital marketing. A review of online presence including web site design, search engine optimization, acquiring the all important Google reviews, blogging, social media sites, and the easiest ways to be noticed through recommendation marketing. All of these questions will be answered in this fast-paced, interactive, and informative full-day session presented by a full-time practicing dentist.

Attendees: Doctors / Length of Program: 1 Day

“Practical Solutions for the Everyday Dentist in the Digital World”

Do you have post-op sensitivity? What are the latest adhesives available? Do you have fracture of your porcelain restorations? Do you know when to cement vs. to bond? Do you have problems with traditional impression techniques? What materials do you use and where? How do you treat your ceramic materials prior to placement? Have you thought about digital scanners in your practice? Are they practical and profitable? A review of online presence including web site presence, social media and digital communication. All of these questions will be answered in this fast paced, interactive and informative full day session presented by a full time practicing dentist.

Attendees: Doctors / Length of Program: 1 Day

“Veneer Methodology—From Preparation to Provisionalization: The Keys to Success”

The goal of this hands-on workshop is to create consistent esthetic results for veneer restorations. We will provide a systematic and logical approach for the preparation, provisionalization, impressioning, and delivery for successful veneer restorations. Specific preparation guidelines, adhesive and resin cement selection, and how to optimize their performance will be emphasized. The step-by-step technique with proper supporting tools will allow optimal treatment control for optimal results. A review of ceramic systems and case presentation skills will complete the course.

Attendees: Doctors / Length of Program: 1 Day

Lecture Fees

Full Day: $7,500. For both hands on and lecture, a full day is defined as 8am-2pm with a break.


Up-to-date quality projector. Minimum 8 foot screen in width (10 feet is ideal). Presentations are 16:9 and 3:1 ratios.


Dr Ritter can be reached by phone at 561.301.7359 or via email to drritter@mac.com. You may also visit his website at drrobritter.com.