Seattle Study Club directors are bound together by a common goal and a shared belief system. They all seek to raise the level of dentistry practiced in their local communities. They believe that the Seattle Study Club educational model is the best means to accomplish that goal.

But like many things, there is more here than meets the eye. In the process of providing top-quality educational programming, Seattle Study Club directors build deep and long-lasting relationships with the dentists in their referral area.

One way they do this is by creating a culture of collaboration and not competition. In this intellectually challenging, yet safe and supportive environment, everyone becomes energized and inspired to do more and better dentistry. The end result is that our directors' practices prosper hand-in-hand with their members'.

Should you decide to become a Seattle Study Club Director, you will be joining a tight-knit group of clinicians from around the world.


1. A sustained focus on comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning.

So many clubs these days are discipline-specific and completely miss the boat when it comes to helping clinicians actually grow the foundational skills upon which everything else rests.

Read more about Our Focus.

2. An environment that fosters real behavior change.

Dentistry is not a spectator sport. Let’s face it, most of the great stuff we see in the top-down type of dental study club never becomes a part of the average clinician’s armamentarium. Sure, you can learn something by studying the work of the old masters. But it’s unlikely that you will become a master with a paint-by-numbers kit. In contrast, our peer-to-peer model focuses on clinical interaction that leads to actual change. It is this engagement, discussion, debate and problem-solving process that allows clinicians to test their true understanding of the material and leads to the incorporation of new concepts into daily practice.

Learn how the program affects Behavior Change.

3. A step-by-step, bespoke curriculum.

To separate from the pack educationally, it is important to offer a curriculum that addresses the needs, desires and wants of each individual member of the club . . . yet doesn’t require reinvention of the wheel. Many programs and clubs today are “off the rack” or “one size fits all” and do not take into account the varying needs that arise from community to community and from practitioner to practitioner.

Learn more about our Bespoke Curriculum development.

4. A community of complete clinicians.

To create “stickiness” in your club and become the go-to educational resource in your community, you need to show your members the path to becoming complete clinicians. This means incorporating learning opportunities outside clinical dentistry that will help your members understand business, financial management, health and wellbeing, personal development and so much more.

Read how our study clubs develop Complete Clinicians.

5. Personal Guidance

To establish this unique learning environment on your own is a daunting task. But once you become a Seattle Study Club director, you will have all our resources at your disposal. Our experienced team will serve as your personal “sherpas" every step of the way. Just as you are making an investment in us, we are making an investment in you. Most of our directors have been with us for years, and they eagerly renew every fall. This isn’t a churn-and-burn, study club in a box model. It’s a vehicle for lifelong learning that can change people’s lives.

Learn the ways we'll provide Personal Guidance.

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