“As a dentist, you are the business, you deliver the value. Therefore, your job is to maximize your intellectual capital. To do that you must continue to become great practitioners and as importantly become more effective CEOs.”

Andy Boynton

Dean of Boston College’s Carroll School of Management

Business Academy

Business Academy Structure

Why a Business Academy?

The Business Academy is an opportunity for you to separate your surgical practice from the pack educationally and bring real value to your referring doctors. Having them at your facility or home for evening, interactive business programs on a consistent basis allows you to build relationships while providing actionable business changes that no one else in your community is providing. You do not have to be the expert as we have curated a world class stable of business minds to deliver the curriculum to your group on demand.

As small business owners, dentists need to be capable of running a highly successful business. Combined with the changing dynamics in the industry brought about by corporate dentistry and consumerism it is clear that in order to thrive, the independent dentist must begin to operate as the CEO of their company.

However, reading a book, or listening to a lecture is not enough to create measurable change in a practice. The timing is perfect (utilizing SSC’s experience in curated, local, interactive programming) for a series of programs covering all areas of business and financial management. The key is to bring useable, actionable business principles to the independent dentist that is comprehensive, accessible, and affordable; with you at the center.

  • Web-based streaming content delivered to you as a group (not individually)
  • On-demand, interactive programming
  • Game-changing business training
  • Brought to you on your schedule

Flexible Learning — Easy to Use

We’ve enlisted the expertise of some of the top business minds in the country to deliver a program that focuses on real business behavior change for dentists. And knowing that you are already busy, we’ve made it easy (almost turnkey) for you run a business-oriented study club:

  • Five pre-recorded modules per year include interactive components to support learning objectives.
  • Designed for group learning, allowing you to build camaraderie and a sense of connection.
  • Modules organized into suites designed to build on one another.
  • On-demand format allows you to begin and end the suite’s curriculum when you choose.
  • Members-only access to short video lectures and expert tips.
  • Podcasts and reading lists recommended by each content provider as supplementary materials to reinforce the teachings.
  • Recruiting materials to help engage the interest of practitioners in your community including videos and brochures.


The inaugural suite is designed with specific topics to build a strong foundation and to engage as many dentists as possible. Based on feedback from around the country, we have built this initial suite to include those areas that were most relevant including leadership, cyber security and understanding financial statements.

Each module is structured to be facilitated by you as a participant in the group. You do not have to be an expert in the subject areas as the learning is guided by the presenter. This consistent gathering will generate business growth and foster a sense of community and loyalty amongst the participants.

After the initial suite, you and your group will choose the next suite you find most relevant. New Suites will be added every year.

BONUS — 2 annual live stream sessions your members will be able to partake in, in the comfort of their own home or office, with updates and opportunities for Q&A with our world class content providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever you like. We anticipate most will start in the fall with their meetings, but if you want to start in the winter, the spring or the summer, you are in full control of the schedule as there are no speakers to book.
Our recommendation is to get together every 6-7 weeks, however again it is your program, you can meet as frequently as you like. We anticipate a few will meet every couple of weeks, and some have even stated they plan on getting together once a quarter, but the majority will be on a 6-8 week schedule completing a suite every 7-10 months.
Up to you. Many directors have said they want to keep this smaller and intimate to build relationships and really make the learning effective. We believe there should be a minimum of 5 total participants, but other directors have stated they want a larger group to participate.
Our recommendation is that you do not charge a tuition for this. You are free to charge whatever you feel is appropriate or nothing at all. This is an opportunity for you to build relationships and help younger practitioners develop their business acumen.
In as much as this is your Business Academy, you are more than welcome to invite companies to participate. Keep in mind that with a business focus to the curriculum, you may want to consider related companies like banking etc.
Each module will be available for streaming one time. Because of our agreements with the content providers, who are world class, this limit is put in place.
This is not a problem, however there will be a charge for the second group, again as a result of our agreements with our content providers. The second, or third groups started will cost less than the first group. Please call to further discuss the pricing.

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