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Crest+Oral-B are honored to partner with Seattle Study Club. Our role in this partnership is to highlight the importance of patient self-care between visits, to maintain the integrity of your work and help achieve our shared mission of patient oral health and treatment outcome success. Learn how we can help.

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2021 marked the 25th anniversary of continuing education (CE) on Crest + Oral-B would like for you to join us in celebrating this accomplishment. We take pride in providing dental professionals with 150+ FREE, high quality, peer-reviewed CE courses covering a wide range of relevant topics.

Our courses are available 24 hours, 7 days week. Take advantage of all the educational content on, create an account by registering today!


As champions for unleashing healthy smiles, Crest+Oral-B commit to advancing oral care habits and products to ensure all Americans have a smile they are happy to share with the world. We know our products make a difference in your patient’s oral health.

Transformational Gum Health System — 12 Week Regimen Study

  • In a clinical study, 100% of patients moved to a state of healthy gums after just 12 weeks of use.

  • Subjects using the experimental oral hygiene routine, consisting of the Oral-B iO oscillating-rotating smart-connected electric toothbrush, stannous fluoride dentifrice, CPC rinse and floss, were nearly free of gingival bleeding after 12 weeks of use. (< 3 bleeding sites) Learn more here.

Sustainability—Small Changes Create Big Impacts

At Crest+Oral-B we know that small changes can have a big impact. From the toothpaste you use, to the energy we consume when making toothbrushes, small acts can lead to a healthier mouth and a healthier planet. We’re working hard to reduce waste, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. But we can’t do it alone. With your help, we can make an even bigger impact—


Participating in the Recycle on Us program is free and easy.

COLLECT: Gather all your used oral care waste, including spent toothbrushes, floss containers and toothpaste tubes and pack them into any size box.

PRINT: When the box is full, seal it up and download a free shipping label from the website.

MAIL: Ship the full box to our processing facility for recycling

Learn More here.