DentalRay Provides Automated Radiology Reports for Dentists

DentalRay is a leading radiology interpretation platform that provides dentists with radiology reports within 48 hours of a radiograph. Leveraging its automated system and national network of radiologists, DentalRay delivers exceptional radiological interpretations without the cumbersome processes and lengthy delays posed by traditional methods.  

By having every CT scan reviewed by a medical radiologist, DentalRay eliminates the liability of missed or incorrect pathologies, allowing you to elevate your standard of care without taking on the additional risk that comes from taking a full CBCT scan. Your patients will love the increased transparency and additional insights that come from the radiology reports.

DentalRay can also generate a new revenue stream for your practice by billing medical insurance for the radiology reports. The platform integrates with billing partners to bill medical insurance on your behalf. You take the scan and DentalRay does the rest—it’s that easy. 

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