Nobel Biocare — “Partnering for Life” — partnering with our customers.

At Nobel Biocare, we are committed to improving the quality of life of every patient treated with our innovative products. Our customers, and their patients, can be confident that the solutions we promote for the restoration of lost teeth have been designed with the objective of providing fully functional, natural-looking results to last a lifetime.


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Designing for Life

“Designing for Life” is an ambition that covers much more than product design and treatment innovation, however, it is a concise expression of the principle upon which we have established our business. It permeates everything we do, from scientific discovery and clinical trials to product information and customer relations.

We have assisted our customers in the treatment of millions of patients. This experience has shown that a better smile, better speech, better oral health—not to mention the ability to eat normally again—dramatically improve a person’s life.

Providing this level of care enhances both the quality of life of the patient and the professional reputation of the clinician. For Nobel Biocare, such improvements represent a long-term commitment to both our customers and their patients.

Our dedication to improving patients’ quality of life grows from unparalleled experience. Building on the past 45 years of pioneering scientific research and innovation in the field of implant-based restorative dentistry, Nobel Biocare will continue “Designing for Life.”

Nobel Biocare stands for scientific leadership and innovation in the dental industry.

Our research and development efforts always have our customers and their patients in mind. As such, we follow three design principles for our products and solutions: They must be patient-focused, clinically relevant and evidence-based. By this we mean that our products must meet the needs of patients, provide excellent solutions for their indications, and must be rigorously tested and qualified. We currently have over 50 projects to deliver against patient and customer needs. Our pipeline is designed around several clear patient benefits. We want to offer solutions for patients that are minimally invasive, last a lifetime, fit their individual needs and anatomy, look good, work well and are affordable. Our pipeline is also designed around clear customer benefits, for easy-to-use and versatile solutions, state-of-the-art digital treatment planning, strong osseointegrative and soft tissue management qualities and leading solutions that meet the broad needs of edentulous patients.

“Learning for Life,” education to help you achieve higher quality of life for your patients worldwide.
Nobel Biocare offers a broad range of training and educational events, from courses aimed at improving basic implantology and restorative skills to more advanced programs aimed at experienced professionals.

The focus throughout our training and education programs is on practicing the skills you need to optimally integrate our portfolio of products and solutions into your dental practice or laboratory so you can offer your patients the best and most efficient solutions.

“Partnering for Life”— partnering with our customers.