The Official Practice Management Software of the Seattle Study Club

The 6,000+ practices that make up the Seattle Study Club are committed to being the most advanced dental practices in the country. And since 2008, the practice management software of-choice for this extraordinarily accomplished alliance has been DSN Software.

DSN is an independent software development company that has been engineering, selling, training and supporting the industry’s foremost practice management software for dental and dental specialty practices since 1978. Again and again, practices will confirm that a unique combination of engineering and Technical Support make for an exceptional experience.

Contact Information

DSN Software

821 B Street
Centralia, WA 98531 USA

Phone: 800-366-1197


Solutions for Every Practice

DSN Software offers dental, perio, OMS, and endo practices their own unique, purpose-built practice management software:

  • DSN Cloud ®
  • OMS-Exec ®
  • OMS-Perio ®
  • OMS-Endo ®
  • OMS-Dental ®
  • Multi-Exec ®

Each of these solutions is engineered for greater insight, efficiency, and overall productivity, while integrating perfectly within today’s complex IT environments.

Built on a Foundation of Understanding

As a leading technology provider in the practice management software space, DSN is able to offer its insights and broad-based knowledge to any Study Club seeking a Webinar presentation. Speakers are senior-level instructors who possess a thorough understanding of the software and its wealth of features, as well as any unique concerns within the category, and precisely how today’s most advanced practices operate.