Synapse Dental Makes Pain-Free Dentistry a Reality

Millions of people avoid the dentist because of needle and oral pain phobias. Can you imagine dentistry with fewer or painless shots, fewer pills, and no gels?

Synapse Dental is on a mission to make pain-free dentistry a reality with the world’s first pen-shaped, electronic dental anesthesia solution, the Dental Pain Eraser. This game changer is clinically proven to prevent and relieve oral pain in seconds and last for hours—without the use of traditional anesthesia and pain relievers.

In the October 2022 Clinicians Report, the Dental Pain Eraser was highly rated by scientists and independent clinical evaluators as a unique, in-office pain inhibitor and at-home dental pain relief device for patients.

Discover how you can erase oral pain for good with the Dental Pain Eraser. Give your patients a reason to smile, while increasing revenue, new treatment starts, and referrals with pain-free, drug-free dentistry.

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The Science Behind the Technology

Through its patented, advanced PulsewaveTM technology, the Synapse Dental Pain Eraser sends gentle, electric pulses to calm the nerves in the mouth and block dental pain.

As a result, your patient experiences long-lasting pain relief, setting the stage for a much more enjoyable appointment with you—one in which they’ll surely say, “Wow, I didn’t feel any pain the entire time! I can’t believe it!”

Believe it.

Many patients are fearful of going to their dentist. But if you have the Dental Pain Eraser, you can unlock the full potential of your practice through enhanced patient engagement and appointment efficiency. It empowers you to achieve desired practice growth and profitability.