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3Sixty transcends the limits of digital dentistry! As dentists ourselves, we understand and address your practice's needs from your side of the chair, which is how we’ve won the trust of dental specialists nationwide, whom we’ve helped plan more than 1,000,000 cases. We are committed to helping you transform your practice through our all-in-one solutions and 24/7 support.

Surgical Guides


Placing dental implants has become much simpler, more predictable, and less stressful. Step confidently into the revolutionary world of guided surgery with 3Sixty!

Surgical guides give you the confidence to accurately place implants while reducing the risk of damage to vital structures. 3Sixty offers a wide variety of custom-made surgical guides fabricated from biocompatible, FDA-approved resins:

  • Pilot Guides
  • Tooth-Supported Guides
  • Tissue-Supported Guides
  • Bone-Supported Guides

Anatomic Guide™


You can’t risk even a tiny step going awry in full-arch rehabilitation surgeries. So, a preplanned bone reduction and implant placement is absolutely the way to go. That’s where our full-arch stackable system, the Anatomic Guide™, shines!

It’s 75% smaller than its counterparts, with remarkable predictability, strength, stability and support. The Anatomic Guide™ is easily screwed into the bones to allow immediate placement of a PMMA temporary prosthesis. With this groundbreaking system, the entire procedure can take you less than three hours.

And if you’re ready to go all in, you can opt for our Restorative Solutions, which contains the Anatomic Guide™, a temporary prosthesis, and the final zirconia prosthesis.

Treatment Plans


Conventionally, dental lab technicians handle treatment plans. But If you agree that some cases require consulting with a peer who actually knows how things work in real-world scenarios, you’re going to love teaming up with 3Sixty Dentists!

Our expert 3Sixty Dentists keep up with the latest, evidence-based clinical guidelines for computer-guided surgery recommendations to plan and execute hundreds of cases every day.

Just send us your patient's scans on our specialized, web-based application, and within hours, our dentists will deliver a customized treatment plan ready for your review.

Radiology Reports


Start your treatments off on the right foot with our expert, speedy and cost-effective interpretation of your radiographic findings. Consider our board-certified team of oral and maxillofacial radiologists an extension of your practice—send them your scans online and receive a thorough report within 24 hours.

We provide expert-level reports for all sorts of scans, including:

  • CT
  • CBCT
  • Intraoral Periapical Radiographs
  • Panoramic Radiographs
  • Sialography

3Sixty Academy

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We believe continuing education and career development go hand in hand. That’s why we proudly present our 3Sixty Academy!

Stay ahead of the curve and find the perfect training from our diverse catalog of online courses, in-person programs, and clinical workshops. No matter your skill level, you will make progress in the right direction with 3Sixty Academy.

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