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For more than 30 years, DEKA has been innovating the world with laser systems and new therapies. We’ve been committed to improving the work of doctors and the well-being of their patients for decades. Today, DEKA Dental Lasers offers two CO2 Lasers, a Nd:YAG laser, and two fractional handpieces—helping bring a laser solution to your office. 

Contact Information

DEKA Dental Lasers

400 N. Ashley Drive, Ste. 2600 Tampa FL 33602

Phone: 813-324-6044

The DEKA Story

The Same Pioneering Spirit Since 1991

For more than 30 years, DEKA has been innovating the world with laser systems and new therapies. Our story begins in the early ‘90s. It is the story of three decades of experimentation and innovation comprising people, researchers and scientific discoveries that have created real benefits for doctors and patients all over the world.

DEKA as a Vibrant Epicenter

Present in more than 120 countries, DEKA has always been an epicenter of innovation for the global medical sector. Every day our laboratories give shape to unprecedented applications and systems for medicine, surgery and aesthetic dermatology.

Education & Training

We are proud to partner with leading educators, learning institutions, and distribution partners. DEKA is committed to utilizing all technology to its fullest potential.

Game-changing QuietNite Handpiece

DEKA QuietNite fractional handpiece offers the practitioner the latest in sleep therapy. Providing the great medicinal benefits of C02 energy with the engineering prowess of DEKA, the DEKA QuietNite is the quickest way to improve a patient’s quality of sleep.