KaVo Kerr — Two Global Leaders United to Provide Dental Excellence

KaVo Kerr is a cohesive organization comprised of two global leaders who have united to provide dental excellence and serve as a single premier partner for the dental community.

KaVo Kerr pursues a common vision, seeking to inspire and help our customers, their patients and our own associates realize their potential. KaVo Kerr offers solutions for endodontics, restoratives, treatment units, infection prevention, imaging, rotary and instruments.


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KaVo Kerr

1717 West Collins Avenue
Orange, CA 92867 USA




Reliable outcomes meet a history of market-leading dental solutions and industry innovation, from the world's first sonic activated bulk fill hybrid composite, SonicFill™, to a predictable protocol without the guesswork with OptiBond™ XTR.


KaVo Kerr Endodontics mission is to advance the specialty and improve oral health through a commitment to research, professional education, product and service innovations. Kerr gives all dentists a clear picture of everything that’s needed to do a successful, modern endodontic procedure.


With a selection of the leading infection control products for every step in the entire procedure, KaVo Kerr offers a suite of dental solutions to support our hygienists and dental assistants with ease and peace of mind, including the market leading surface disinfectant, CaviWipes™.


KaVo Kerr and Pelton & Crane offer a comprehensive treatment unit portfolio to address the needs and preferences of every dental team. Innovative features, integrated technology, and ergonomic design are the hallmarks of KaVo Kerr and Pelton & Crane treatment units.


KaVo Imaging offers industry leading products for your practice needs and enables dental professionals to be productive and efficient. Established in 1909 in Berlin, KaVo has the motto of “quality and precision” which continues to be the foundation for our continued excellence and innovation. Marquee dental equipment brands include DEXIS™, i-CAT™, Gendex™ and NOMAD™. Our products offer innovation with the goal of improving clinical outcomes. KaVo Imaging’s broad portfolio includes extraoral 3D cone beam imaging, 2D panorex units, wall-mounted and hand-held X-ray units, intraoral sensors, scanners, cameras and carries detection devices.


Advancements in KaVo Kerr handpieces help dentists do more of what matters. Delivering both quality and market-leading innovation, KaVo Kerr handpieces — including MASTERtorque™ and MASTERmatic™— are designed to increase performance and efficiencies during treatment procedures.


Our team at KaVo Kerr knows that booking a speaker is one of your most important decisions. To help you, we have assembled an innovative and dynamic group of doctors who attract and inspire attendees. KaVo Kerr speakers cover a broad area of expertise, ranging from distinguished doctors who are extensively published and highly respected in the profession to progressive thinkers who are eager to share their clinical knowledge.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Dr. Brett Gilbert, an experienced endodontist who has been practicing for 14 years and a key opinion leader within the KaVo Kerr organization. Dr. Gilbert will be presenting a contemporary and practical endodontic hands-on program that can be incorporated into a well-balanced curriculum for your entire study club. This session will address a variety of concepts for today’s clinicians, both from the endodontist and the general practitioner perspectives, to elevate knowledge within your study club.

Ultimately, our success depends on your success. So join us in defining the future of dentistry.