Designing better care.

At Midmark, we believe design isn't just about just the workflow, but the people working in it. We believe that who's using our equipment and technology is every bit as important as how and why it’s being used. We believe that the comfort that comes from better care happens by design.

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Free Risk Assessment

One area you may not think about often is critical to both infection prevention and the workflow of your practice—your sterilization center. Your sterilization center is the most heavily trafficked area in your practice, so the location, design and equipment are very important. Workflow should follow the CDC’s five-step guideline. And you should have enough equipment to support the size of your practice. We’re very passionate about safe instrument processing. If you need help evaluating the design and workflow of your sterilization center, we are offering Seattle Study Club members a free assessment of your current space. Your local Midmark representative has an assessment checklist and will be happy to review your current design and workflow and provide feedback on ways to improve, just start by calling: 800-MIDMARK (800-643-6275)


Practice Design

Building your dream office? You have too much on the line to leave key decisions to chance. Plan your new facility or upgrade your existing space with help from our experts in clinical workspace design. On your personal Midmark Experience Trip, watch your dreams become a reality when you sit with our expert designers to build your floor plan and walk through your new space in 3D. Touch and feel what your new treatment rooms will be like in our showroom and design center. Meet the people who design care into each of the solutions you choose and tour our manufacturing facility on campus. Get the confidence you need to take the next steps on your project.


Ergonomic Dentistry

How can dentistry be more dangerous than mining or law enforcement? Aside from exposure to disease, the main culprit is the amount of time you spend sitting in positions that can lead to lifelong debilitating conditions, including musculoskeletal disorder and cardiovascular disease. Ask Midmark about solutions that promote better posture, better health, and are designed around how you and your staff work best.


Dental Practice Safety

Ensuring safe workflow and the highest standards of infection prevention are essential to a thriving practice. Let Midmark help you choose the right practice design, equipment and processes to support your safety goals.